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The Lacey Jarrell Foundation is a 501 3C non-profit organization developed to memorialize the many aspects of Lacey Jane Daly Jarrell’s attributes, passions, and life goals, which in short involved creativity through artistic expression and an unusual ability to help others and remain non-judgmental and selfless. We support student artists ages 13 -21 through provision of Art Venues, counseling, and educational scholarships. We have provided many students scholarships for tuition and supplies regardless of what major they select. The Foundation also uses the name Green Star Art.


Lacey Jarrell

Lacey was killed in a rollover automobile accident on July 6, 2006 after allegedly losing control of her vehicle one summer morning on a curvy Tucson road. The accident occurred less than a quarter mile from her home. She had a passenger who walked out of the vehicle unharmed.

Lacey was a clever, fun, good natured, and compassionate child who charmed the lives of many through her large green eyes, and her genuine care for others. She communicated even at a young age that her mission in life was to help others. From early on it was clear that she possessed an innate ability to provide empathy and compassion for others. Lacey was creative in a very eclectic way. She had a talent for writing poetry, photography, modeling, painting, drawing, working in clay, and engaging in multiple sports. It was obvious that Lacey benefited from her creative expression as a way to feel greater self-esteem and as an avenue for feelings expression when times were challenging or when times were joyful. Her true talent however was her ability for deep insight into herself and others and her open and honest sharing of feelings. Her charisma was constant.


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