THE LACEY JARRELL FOUNDATION is preparing for a special fundraising event to be held in early 2018!
Our 2018 event will include art and educational opportunities relevant to PARENTING IN 2018, BEHAVIOR AND A CHILD’S BRAIN, THE IMPACT OF TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE, and UNDERSTANDING THE GRIEF PROCESS. These educational presentations represent parts of The SABINO MODEL which focuses on the treatment of trauma and resulting symptoms and in part stems from Nancy’s personal experience of traumatic grief and the suffering Lacey’s family and friends incurred following her death. This and Nancy’s fascination with studying neuroscience and how traumatic experience impacts the brain, behavior, emotions, and more led to her development of this innovative treatment model.
THE SABINO MODEL: Neuroscience Based Addiction and Trauma Treatment uses the knowledge of Neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change itself) and in residential behavioral health facilities offers allopathic and naturopathic medicine, psychiatric, psychotherapy, recreation, equine therapy, accupuncture, sleep treatment, acutonics, EMDR, somatic experiencing, music and art therapy and more in surroundings rich with the beauty of nature. The model promotes the use of empathy, nurturing, compassion, and kindness as a means to help those who need empathy, nurturing, compassion, and kindness to heal. These qualities are all ones Lacey possessed.  Recent research has shown the positive, enduring effect empathy has on helping those suffering from traumatic experience. The Sabino Model also recognizes and uses the arts as methods of healing. The model purports that we all have artistic ability and uses music, drawing, painting, dance, singing, writing, reading poetry, designing space, and color therapy as healing modalities.
¬©Nancy Jarrell O’Donnell


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