First Annual Fundraiser 2007

Photo taken at The First Annual Fundraiser held in November 2007. The second annual fundraiser is scheduled fir November 1, 2008 at Plaza Colonial in Tucson, Arizona.
From left to right: Christina Slater, Mel McBeath, Sylvia Intrieri, Will Jarrell, Nancy Jarrell, Tana Jay Von Isser, Debbie Peck, and Cyndy Neighbors.

Volunteer Benefits

Without our volunteers The Lacey Jarrell Foundation could not have had the quick success it has had in one year. Our volunteers have all contributed to helping us raise funds to provide scholarship opportunites and purchasing of supplies for art students in 2007 and 2008. We feature different volunteers quarterly on our site. Any young person between the ages of 13 and 21 years of age who volunteers to help The Foundation is immediately eligible for foundation support for furthering artisitic endeavors and/or counseling benefits. Please contact us through our Contact Page for more information.

Tana Jay Von Isser William Joffroy
Victor Navarro Sandoval Julia Paraidies


From left to right: Arsalan Ahmad, Hannah Gomez, Alex German, and Alejandra Fernandes.

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